Paul Brooks Oleum Jac Formula for hair on face


اولیم جیک فارمولا کریم اور کیپسول
خواتین کے چہرے،ہاتھ اور پیروں ککے رواں اور غیر ضروری بالوں کو معدوم کرنے کے لیے بہترین دوائی
Formula for Capsules:
Oleum Jac 3x
Thuja 30
Selenium 3x
Iodium 3x
Sabal Serr Q
Formula for Cream
Oleum Jac Q
Thuja Occ Q
Hammamelis Q

Paul Brooks


• Female Harmones
• Harmones Disturbances
• Hair on Face
• Hair on legs and body
• Formula suitable for 10 days


Paul Brooks

In mid 1980’s, Homoeopathy in Pakistan was blessed with an emergence of a revolutionary entity named Paul Brooks Homoeo Labs. Paul Brooks Homoeo Labs entered the alternative medicine marketplace with its change mechanism that altogether altered the market dynamics. Under the vibrant and visionary leadership of its founding members, Mr. Shamim Ahmed (Chairman) and Mr. Saboor Ahmad Siraj (CEO), the young manufacturer presented its distinctive product line that not only catered vast majority of therapeutic areas in naturopathy but also presented them in a manner that helped alternative medicine systems reach their due magnitude across the country.
Paul Brooks


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