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Coronavirus – Measures to take at home

stay home during coronavirus

Coronavirus cases have topped 597,267 around the globe while 27,365 people have died so far. There is no cure of this virus even now, after so much time scientists are struggling to find a vaccine. The first case of coronavirus was reported back in December 2019. After 3-4 months, there is still no vaccine or cure and the infection rate is rising even now.

So you might be asking how to protect yourselves from coronavirus, Well first of all stay at home, this will drastically reduce your exposure to the outside environment and will cut down your chances of getting infected by a large margin. Now lets talk about how to keep yourselves safe even at home.

Wash Your Hands With Soap

There is no workaround guys.

Seriously guys, this might seem irritating but you need to wash your hands quite often now. Now, that 5 seconds — hand wash will not work. You need to properly wash your hands atleast 20 seconds now because you must not touch your eyes , mouth or nose with unwashed hands.

How to wash your hands properly?

Wet your hands with water and apply a good quality anti-bacterial soap. Lather and scrub it in your fingers, palms and the backside of your hands. And don’t forget about scrubbing your thumbs too. Do this for about 20 seconds and rinse then dry. You’re all done.

Use Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers also get the job done

You can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to clean your hands if you can’t stand washing your hands and drying them every now and then. Hand sanitizers also come in handy when you are leaving the house. The procedure in same though. Apply hand sanitizer to you hand and rub it all in your fingers, palms, thumbs and on the back side of your hand. Be sure to buy a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content, though WHO recommends 80% alcohol content.

Know The Right Information

Too much myths going around

This time of distress has caused so many myths flying around. Someone’s saying drinking warm water kills the virus. Other say that it will die in summer season. Some also claim anti-malarial’s work as a cure. It is important to know the right information. Or you are at the risk of injuring yourself by following myths. Always trust sources that are providing accurate research based information like the official WHO website.

Keep Calm, Don’t Panic with Children

Children cases are rare

Coronavirus cases in children have been rare, experts say. Nonetheless, don’t let children put their toys in mouth and keep them clean. There can never be enough cleanliness in a home with children. Keep them entertained with games or movies so they are always in your sight.

Disinfect Floors with Bleach

Keep your floor clean

During cleaning up your home, use bleach for disinfecting your home. This trend is not followed much now but it is a must.

Stock Up Food Supplies

Be prepared

There is a lockdown going throughout the world to keep infection rate minimal. But people are allowed to go out for buying food supplies. You need to stock up on supplies so that you don’t have to go out everyday and expose yourself to the outside environment. Also there’s no guarantee that how long this last so keep yourselves prepared.

Do Not Stock Up Masks

Not everyone needs a mask

You don’t necessarily need to wear a mask in your home. A mask is only necessary if you are a patient or are dealing a patient. Well you can also use a mask while going around town. But aside from this you don’t need to stock up masks.

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